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This online workshop is jointly organised by Ela Kagel from Platform Cooperatives Germany and Tom Ivey, DotCooperation’s community development manager.

We are excited to showcase best practices in effectively communicating the purpose, the benefits and the goals of cooperatives across Europe.

Cooperatives play a pivotal role in our communities and the broader economy, but their unique identity and value proposition often require skilled communication strategies to reach their audience effectively. In this workshop, we aim to delve into a range of communication styles, seeking to align our messaging with the spirit of cooperation. We will explore strategies that capture the identity of a cooperative, fostering meaningful connections with current and future members.

Whether you’re part of a cooperative or simply interested in learning more about how these organisations operate, this community call will provide valuable insights and practical examples.

Agenda Highlights:

Introduction to Cooperative Identity – Gain a deeper understanding of what makes cooperatives unique and how to effectively convey their identity.

Best Practice Examples – Explore real-world case studies of cooperatives successfully communicating their purpose, benefits, services, and membership models.

Interactive Q&A – Get your questions answered by experts in the field of cooperative communication.

Networking Opportunity – Connect with fellow participants who share your interest in cooperatives and their communication strategies.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Free registration here!

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