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Reimagining Economy

About ten years ago, when the first Sharing Economy startups appeared on the scene, an interesting development began that continues to this day. The insight grew quickly that this new economy has very little to do with common good. Instead, an unprecedented concentration of money, power and control over the infrastructure of our society, such as data, transport, housing and much more, has been emerging from the intermediary position of the large platform companies.

With SUPERMARKT Berlin, the founding team of Platform Cooperatives Germany eG developed an experimental location for digital culture and new economies early on. To this day, the independent community hub in Berlin-Kreuzberg is an important contact point for all those who want to reimagine our economy.

 Platform Cooperatives Germany  is a cooperative for cooperatives. This means that we invite experts from the cooperative economy and other cooperative companies to become part of our project in order to jointly build sustainable support systems for platform coops in Europe. From this overall structure, new cooperatives can then emerge, but their starting conditions will be defined from the outset by an ecosystem of other companies from the digital cooperative economy. We are currently developing our membership program and will be able to actively approach additional potential members from the second half of 2020. If you have any questions until then or would like to participate in this development, please contact us at: hallo (at) platformcoop.de.

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